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On the agenda for tomorrow’s City Council meeting

Ferndale City Council meeting (December 5, 2016). Photo: My Ferndale News

Planning to attend the upcoming Ferndale City Council meeting? Here are some items from the agenda.

The proposal to place 4 handicapped parking spots in downtown Ferndale will make a reappearance. The original proposal was to put all 4 in parallel spaces on Main Street. The revised proposal moves one proposed space from 3rd and Main to angled parking adjacent to the City Hall Annex (City Council and Municipal Court Chambers building).

A presentation by City staff will provide information regarding an update to the City’s Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO). The City’s Critical Areas Ordinance is a chapter of the Municipal Code identifying types and quantities of critical areas deemed important by the citizens of Ferndale and the State and Federal governments (e.g. wetlands). The CAO provides requirements for the use and development of land within or in close proximity to critical areas. This will be a discussion only.

Councilmembers will be asked to approve Mayor Jon Mutchler’s appointments to Planning Commission, Parks, Recreation and Trails Advisory Board (PRTAB) and Arts Commission.

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According to meeting documents, Mutchler will be repeating the recommendation of Greg Crim for Planning Commission. Councilmembers did not approve the appointment of Crim at the December 5th Council meeting. As a result, Mutchler withdrew his recommendation of Crim.

Mutchler chose to reappoint Sean Cool, Jo Ann Moore and Stacy Miller to the Planning Commission but not Yvonne Goldsmith. All four were seated on the commission and their terms expired December 31, 2016. Not reappointing Goldsmith created the vacancy Mutchler is attempting to fill with the recommendation of Crim.

Councilmembers will also be asked to approve Brooke Crawford for the PRTAB and Colleen Harper, Kyle Deming and Loretta Sheldon for the Arts Commission.


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