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Why You Should Attend Tonight’s Council Meeting

Here are items on the agenda for tonight’s City Council regular meeting:


  • Authorization of Payroll of December 5, 2014
  • Approval of Claims Run of November 2014
  • Final Plat: South Douglas Long Plat Division 3

    The Preliminary Plat for South Douglas Long Plat consisting of 66 lots was approved by the City Council on November 8, 2006. Phases One and Two of the South Douglas Long Plat were recorded in 2009 and 2012. The plat has been constructed in the same configuration and the same general infrastructure and roadway width as the  preliminary plat approved by the Ferndale City Council. The plat is consistent with that approval, and this is the final step for the City Council in this process.

    South Douglas Long Plat 2014-12-15
    Click for larger image.
  • Contracts: Public Defender, Domestic Violence Victims Advocate – Renewals
  • Ordinance: 2014 Budget Amendment
  • Resolution: Interfund Loan – Church Road Improvement Project
  • Appointments: Planning Commission – Susan Cole, Tom Black, Fred Kennedy
  • Parks, Recreation and Tree Advisory Board (PRTAB) Recommendation Approval: Cherry Tree Trail by Bergsma House
  • PUBLIC HEARING: 2015 Budget
    Finance & Administration Committee members is forwarding the budget to the full council for a public hearing with a recommendation of approval.
  • PUBLIC HEARING: Zoning Text Amendment Ordinance – FMC 18.16 – Zones, Maps & Boundaries
    The City has not updated this chapter since 2006 and as a result the chapter does not specifically list the zones that have been established since that time – dating as far back as the creation of the City’s Urban Residential and City Center zone.While there is no doubt that the City’s rezoning process has been complied with over the last several years, the fact that the chapter has not been updated creates a minor inconsistency between this chapter and other chapters of the Ferndale Municipal Code.Staff recommends that the chapter be amended to add the zones established since 2006 and to update (but not change) the rules of construction and scope of regulations contained within the chapter. Staff
  • PRESENTATION: Parks, Recreation & Trails Advisory Board Recommendation – Metropolitan Park District

    The Parks, Recreation & Trails Advisory Board is requesting that a ballot be presented to the voters to establish a Metropolitan Parks District in order to support the City’s park system.

    Click for more information

    Click for more information

    A Metro Park District be established as an independent department of the city to handle the health, maintenance and events concerning the Ferndale parks now and in the future. The new Metro Park District will encompass the entire Ferndale school District funded by a levy voted on by the citizens within the Ferndale City School District at $.50 per $1000.00 assessed home value.

  • MOTION: Lodging Tax Advisory Committee Hotel-Motel Tax Grant Recommendation
    The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee will make their recommendations for allocating the hotel/motel tax revenue locally to promote tourism.
  • ORDINANCE: Downtown Permit Incentive Program Extension
    City staff will be recommending that the City extend for one year the two programs, began in 2013, to provide incentive programs for small businesses and development within the Downtown core.
  • DISCUSSION: Siddle to Legoe Connection (Requested by Councilmember Olson)


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