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Opinion: Supports Sefzik for state representative

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Current State Representative Sharon Shewmake constantly reminds us that she has a PHD in Economics and that she is the only “economist” in the legislature. Based on her voting record, she is one economist too many, of the wrong type.

A trained economist should have known that in the face of pandemic and shrinking revenues, an increase to state spending of $5 billion was irresponsible. Somehow, she didn’t grasp this and voted for the increase while knowing revenues were insufficient to fund this. Shewmake could have helped rectify this problem by pushing the governor for a special session to deal with the budget crisis. She did not.

A practical economist should understand that society cannot prosper without strong, well-funded law enforcement. She has marched to defund police while trying to also appear to support police. Mixed and confusing messages on this important issue creates citizen confusion which is not good economics.

The City of Bellingham and the local farmers all agree that adjudication of water is a bad economic option. Not Shewmake. She wants to force farmers and cities into the uncertainty and expense of litigation, whereas negotiation is quicker, less expensive, and more likely to have a positive outcome.

A trained economist should understand the importance of jobs at Cherry Point, but she apparently does not. She did not support them in important legislation and has not advocated for the lifting of County moratoriums as has her opponent, Jennifer Sefzik. Shewmake’s training as an economist has not helped her understand that the anti-business environment she promotes chases away investment. Goodbye Intalco (along with Ershigs, and Safran) and the $1 Billion investment that BP wanted to produce green energy at Cherry Point.

Shewmake has never been an employer. She has no understanding of the private sector that generates the wealth creation for the taxes that fund her job. She has a degree in economics but no practical experience. I say send her back to school and let someone who understands the real world serve as our next State Representative in Olympia. Please join with me in voting for Jennifer Sefzik.

G. David Bock

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