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Opinion: Supports Sefzik for 42nd district state house representative

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We are living in a day where traditional Christian values are not acceptable in America. Those who hold the faith of their fathers are being maligned as hateful bigots and racists. Not because they are trying to bring physical harm or are even making verbal threats at anyone, but simply because Christians are not changing to “catch up with the times,” they are labeled as such. A Christian who bases their opinions on biblical principle, as opposed to public opinion or sentiment, is simply out of touch.

We can no longer agree to disagree in today’s America. Some think that Christians should deny their faith and accept that they are nothing more than deplorable. Just this week one of our local candidates running for office, Jennifer Sefzik, has been attacked because of her faith. Because she holds traditional biblical views she is being maligned as a hateful individual.

The reality is, her faith doesn’t teach her to hate but to love. It doesn’t take more than a short conversation with Mrs. Sefzik to realize she is a warm and kind individual. Yes, her faith does affect her world view and it should. Yes, her Christian views might not be yours but that doesn’t mean she isn’t entitled to them or that she hates anyone. It simply means she might see things from a different perspective than you. In America, that used to be called diversity. Now it’s called hate. If you don’t like her policies then fine, but please don’t devalue her because she has faith in God.

Joshua Carter
Bellingham Baptist Church Pastor

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