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Opinion: Recommends Fegan for City Council seat

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I am writing in support of the appointment of Maralise Fegan to replace resigning Ferndale City councilman Ramon Llanos. I urge the Ferndale City Council to consider that Mr. Llanos was elected little more than a year ago in a race in which his opponent, Maralise Fegan, garnered more than 40 percent of the vote cast in the election without seeking support from any political parties. I would argue that this represents a much better representation of the city’s voters than the 6 votes that the council will be casting.

I know that Ms Fegan has continued to be civically engaged since her run for office. I believe this clearly demonstrates that her commitment to our community is deep and abiding. Ms. Fegan had the courage to run in the last council election which is no mean feat. That she garnered a significant portion of the voters in that election without seeking the blessing of any political party gives the council the opportunity to allow her supporters and those who did not support her to see what her participation on the city council would have been like during the remaining portion of Mr Llanos’s term. What better way to demonstrate the principles of equity for which the council has established an advisory commission than to let the electorate experience the path not taken, one devoid of partisan politics.

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