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Mayor won’t renew city administrator’s contract

Ferndale City Administrator Greg Young. Photo courtesy City of Ferndale

According to a press release issued today from the City of Ferndale, Mayor Jon Mutchler will not be renewing the City Administrator Greg Young’s contract, allowing it to expire on December 31st, 2018, effectively ending Young’s employment with the city on that date.

Young was hired in 2004 by then Mayor Jerry Landcastle. According to city staff, Young’s salary for 2018 $153,778.

The release says Community Development Director Jori Burnett will step in as interim city administrator while a search is conducted for Young’s replacement.

Mutchler is quoted in the release as saying, “It is time for a changing of the guard as we move our city forward to the next great chapter of Ferndale’s story.”

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City councilmembers said they were surprised to hear of the mayor’s decision. “We’re still trying to get the 2019 budget done so this not a good time for this kind of announcement,” councilmember Keith Olson said. Councilmember Teresa Taylor said when asked how she felt about today’s announcement, “This is news to me. I’m really surprised.”

The following is today’s announcement in its entirety.


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