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Main Street Painting Delayed

Photo courtesy of City of Ferndale
main street lane striping - courtesy COF 2015-08-21
Photo: Courtesy of City of Ferndale

As previously mentioned here, Main Street lane striping was to get some touch-ups and the bike lane a “fresh coat” this morning, August 21st. According to City of Ferndale staff, the painting had been contracted to Whatcom County Public Works.

But, as you may have noticed, none of the striping had been done as of this afternoon.

According to the person who answered the phone at County Public Works Maintenance and Operations, the reason for not painting was likely due to the probability of precipitation in the forecast. She explained the painting process needs dry weather to be effective and that was even more important for a busy street like Ferndale’s Main Street.

The project has not been rescheduled yet. Watch Discover Ferndale for more information.

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