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LTTE: Celebrating the downtown flower baskets and banners

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Well Ferndale, it is my favorite time of year for our beautiful downtown when all the flower baskets go up! Spring is here and Summer is coming! We are so grateful for the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce who makes sure this vital part of our community happen every year. I love the current mix of pink flowers on Main Street and the multi-colored baskets along Griffintown Park! Due to the current social health issues that have affected funding, there are a few spots without them this year but the Chamber Board was committed to making sure the flowers are a joy we still get to share.

Funding for the baskets is always a big task but there were many sponsors this year who helped make sure the program could continue. They are all listed on the side of the watering gator that the new “Basket Keeper” Forrest will be driving around now that we have lost our beloved Bob. 😥 I met Forrest last Friday while getting those baskets out and we are a lucky community to have such a friendly and enthusiastic supporter of Ferndale helping to continue to make it beautiful! Please say hello when you see him driving around.😊

In that water cart is a ton of fertilizer that keeps these baskets growing big and strong and beautiful all summer long. This year, ACE Hardware in Ferndale is our “Fertilizer Sponsor” which is a pretty big deal and a huge financial relief to the Chamber. They will also be donating 2% of all their sales from Chamber members back to the Chamber of Commerce which is such a gift to the community! Thank you ACE. 😊

Our Ferndale Downtown Association has been busy as well and the replacement banners for our Downtown Core should be going back up here in a week or two as well! I am so excited about this as we have been working hard to try and find a new banner size that works. Bertella Hansen, our president, has spent countless hours with different vendors trying to find the best and closest local companies to work with. I personally have missed the beautiful blue and green banners with the pink flowers and can’t WAIT to see them all together again.

Our community is incredibly lucky to have so many primarily volunteer organizations in Ferndale who care enough to give their time and effort into keeping this town a great place to live. I am proud to be a small part and am so thankful for everyone who cares about Ferndale. If you would like to be a part as well, please reach out to the Ferndale Downtown Association or the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce and we would be happy to have you!

Sara Fassett
Ferndale Downtown Association & Ferndale Chamber of Commerce board member

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