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Letter to the Editor: Will be supporting Pinky Vargas

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Dear Editor,

For several years running, Senator Doug Ericksen broke records and not the good ones. He received more free meals from lobbyists than any other representative in Olympia, while still claiming reimbursement for each and every meal.  His behavior was so egregious that the state ethics commission rewrote the rules on reimbursement to try and rein him in, which is around the same time he started pestering the Trump administration for a new job.

We need someone who is willing to work for us, not the special interests that buy him dinner. I’m voting for Pinky Vargas this year – she’s an energy expert, a hardworking local elected official and is willing to buy her own dinner. Time to vote Pinky in and kick dining Doug to the curb.

Devlin Sweeney

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