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Letter to the Editor: Wants a new mayor

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Why do we need a new mayor?

Right after Mayor [Jon] Mutchler was sworn in he asked for a $20,000 health care plan to be paid by Ferndale taxpayers. Next, he asked for a special tax on some of our gas stations, then he asked for a Metropolitan Park District, then he supported the $125 million blank check for the Ferndale School District. Recently he wanted to purchase the Old Main Building that was declared unsafe for our children but was safe enough to expand our Government if we spend millions to improve it. Each one of these requests or proposals was voted down by our city council or we the taxpayers. There was a recent proposal for him to receive a 68% pay increase when we taxpayers are already paying a City Administrator over $150,000 including benefits, and he gave a 19% pay increase to that administrator.

With so many of the citizens of Ferndale being on fixed incomes, can we continue to support a Mayor who keeps supporting increasing taxes, growing the bureaucracy, and increasing water and sewer rates. We all just taxed ourselves for our fire district for a need, not a want.  Do we want to be like Bellingham where wants override needs. Where do we move to when we can no longer afford to live here?  That’s why we need a new Mayor.

Gene Goldsmith

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  1. Gordie Thomas August 16, 2019

    Totally agree. Time for a change before we get taxed to death.

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