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Letter to the Editor: Endorses Mutchler for mayor

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Having lived in Ferndale longer than I did in Bellingham (25 years) I can safely say that our city is well served by our present mayor. In the years that I’ve been here in Ferndale, my thoughts were of simply voting for the people I knew. (Cecil Barr, et. al.) The city was only 2500 residents at that time, and the office of mayor was a much simpler gig. When Jon Mutchler arrived in Ferndale his ambitious work caught my attention. I then voted for him because of his work, rather than his friendship.

To my surprise, he turned out to be much better than I had expected in his new job as our mayor. In my opinion, no one has ever tried as hard to make Ferndale a better city in which to live since I came to Whatcom County in 1958. Please help Jon stay in office and continue his great work for our city. Please join me and vote for Jon Mutchler.

Robert O. Storms

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