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Followup: 1952 Whatcom Champs baseball gets new home

Baseball located in a lost-and-found at the Newberg Public Library in Newberg Oregon. Source: Newberg Public Library

Back in August of last year we reported about a baseball with obvious ties to Whatcom County found in the Newberg Public Library’s lost-and-found in Newberg Oregon. The baseball is covered with several handwritten signatures along with the caption, “Whatcom County Champs 1952.”

whatcom county champs baseball found at newberg or library 2
Baseball located in a lost-and-found at the Newberg Public Library in Newberg Oregon. Source: Newberg Public Library

What to do with the baseball became the library’s challenge after it went unclaimed for a month.

“I’m hoping we will be able to return the baseball to your community,” Assistant Library Director Korie Buerkle said in an email to MFN. “I know it would mean so much to some of the family members and I sincerely hope we are able to send the baseball home.”

Staff at the Whatcom Museum confirmed they had been contacted by Newberg Public Library officials in October. The museum curator was going to bring up the question of whether or not to add it to their collection during a quarterly meeting in December.

While museum staff have not responded when asked about the result of the December meeting, Buerkle did respond today and confirmed, “Last week the baseball was sent to the Whatcom County Museum.”

Museum staff said back in October that even if they acquired the baseball, it may not be exhibited immediately.

MFN cross-referenced the signatures on the baseball with the
names on photo montages of the Ferndale High School senior class of 1952 and others on display at Cedars Restaurant and made the following matches and potential matches:

  • Glen Gorze (class of ’52)
  • Howard Johnson (class of ’52)
  • George Kramer (underclass?)
  • Bob Suggs (class of ’52)
  • Harvey Pottle (class of ’52)
  • Doyle Jensen (underclass?)
  • Norm Lowery (underclass?)
  • Howard Cole (class of ’52)
  • Abie Kramer (underclass?)
  • Jerry Corderman (class of ’52)
  • Stan Kinley (class of ’52)
  • Harold (Erickson? class of ’52)
  • Gordon K? (Remier? class of ’52)


  1. Lori Suggs Philpott January 16, 2019

    Glad the baseball found a home. Was excited to see Dad’s name on it (Bob Suggs) as was the rest of the family. Were the names all Ferndale residents? If so maybe it should’ve gone to the Pioneer Museum in Ferndale.

    • Gayle (Selstead) Landreth January 17, 2019

      As a Ferndale 1952 graduate, I would like to see it in the trophy window at Ferndale High.

      • Joe Beaulaurier January 17, 2019

        Agreed. My Ferndale News did provide library officials with contact information for FHS and District staff so that such an arrangement could be considered. It’s not known whether any conversations between library and school or district staff occurred.

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