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Ferndale Public Works to conduct smoke testing of sewer lines

Whatcom News file photo

FERNDALE, Wash. — City staff announced Tuesday, November 12th, the Public Works department would be conducting sewer smoke tests in a few Ferndale neighborhoods this week.

Smoke testing involves blowing air and smoke into the sewer system from the street and then monitor where it comes out. 

Smoke testing is a harmless and cost-effective way to identify areas of the sewer system that need improvement according to the City. “The smoke itself is actually not smoke, but a non-toxic, non-staining odorless vapor.”

The map below indicates which neighborhoods are expected to be smoke tested on each day of week.

Blue = Tues. 11/12 | Purple = Weds. 11/13 | Orange = Thurs. 11/14 | Green = Fri. 11/15

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