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Ferndale downtown sporting goods store announces closing

2nd Avenue Sports Owner Emily Heiser's kids pose in front of the store during the 2018 Ferndale Downtown Trick-or-Treat event (October 27, 2018). Photo courtesy of Emily Heiser

After 14 years of business in Ferndale, 2nd Avenue Sports announced today they would be closing their doors.

Owner Emily Heiser had said earlier this month she was running out of hope to find someone to takeover the business, located on 2nd Avenue between Main Street and Vista Drive, after it had been for sale for over a year. She had taken the drastic step of dropping the price to less than the wholesale cost of inventory and fixtures. At that time, she hoped to put off closing until the first half of March.

But in a press release emailed to My Ferndale News, Heiser said the store would close at the end of February and a liquidation sale would begin next week.

Heiser cited her growing family with baby number two expected in April as the reason for the store closure.

Click for more information

Click for more information

A liquidation sale is scheduled to begin Tuesday, February 5th. There will also be new hours of Tuesday through Friday from 2pm to 7pm and Saturday through Sunday from 12pm to 4pm through the end of February or until inventory is gone. Only cash and checks will be accepted.

Anyone interested in purchasing bulk inventory or store fixtures are asked to contact Heiser to schedule an appointment. Heiser can be reached via email at

Heiser took over the business from it’s founder, Sue Remaklus, in 2015. Heiser had been the store manager for 5 years prior to taking over the business. Remaklus had opened the store in 2005.


  1. Karen M Joseph January 29, 2019

    Oh no! So so sad. It is kind of a local hallmark for many of us.

    Love to the new member of the family!
    PS – my family wants to buy one of the red spinny light you have in the window. It’s oddly sentimental. My son sits in the chair and watches it every time we are there.<3

    Thank you for helping us gamer geeks take care of our kids sports needs with all the love and patience your amazing staff has had with us.

    The Josephs

  2. Amy Harman January 29, 2019

    I’m sorry to hear yet another Ferndale business is closing, and one that has been an icon in the community for a long time. Best wishes to the owner and her growing family! Sounds like a perfect time to focus on family.

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