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Ferndale area dodges weather bullet but more snow & wind forecast

Law enforcement on scene of 2 vehicels in the media on northbound I-5 near the Samish Way exit in south Bellingham (January 17, 2020). Source: WSDOT traffic camera
Law enforcement on scene of 2 vehicles in the median on northbound I-5 near the Samish Way exit in south Bellingham (January 17, 2020). Source: WSDOT traffic camera

FERNDALE, Wash. — Reports are the Ferndale area dodged a weather bullet overnight as 1 to 2 inches of new snow accumulations have been reported this morning, Friday, January 17th, in other areas but not around Ferndale.

The snow arrived after temperatures yesterday had climbed to 40°F in Bellingham and other areas to the south and then plummeted to below freezing later in the day and holding there through the night. The snow melt from the daytime changing back to ice in the evening added another challenge for drivers trying to get around the Bellingham area.

Similar conditions were reported in Custer and to the north. As of 7am, Washington State Patrol troopers were responding to multiple spin outs and crashes near the US-Canadian border and south Bellingham.

A daily commuter driving south on I-5 earlier this morning reported the new snow accumulation ended before reaching Burlington. He said he experienced “near whiteout driving conditions” and cars were sticking to the right lane while going 15 to 30mph. He added, “If people don’t need to go south of Bellingham to Skagit County, please don’t. I don’t recommend it.”

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To the north on I-5 from Ferndale, the average speed on I-5 was also reduced in some places.

Driving time estimates January 17, 2020, 7:30am, as displayed on the traffic page.

National Weather Service forecasters say there remains a 40% chance of snow showers in the Ferndale area today with less than a half-inch of new accumulation possible. Temperatures continue to be held down below freezing by frigid Fraser Valley outflow winds through the day.

After 10pm tonight, gusty winds are expected to develop and the chance for new snow jumps to 80% with new snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches possible. Temperatures around Ferndale are expected to get above freezing in the early morning hours Saturday. Precipitation Saturday is expected to fall as a rain and snow mix transitioning to just rain.

Beginning later Saturday and continuing through Thursday, any precipitation falling in the Ferndale area is expected to fall as rain as temperatures are expected to remain in the upper 30s to mid 40s.

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