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City of Bellingham officials issue flood advice

Flooding at Squalicum Creek Park (November 15, 2021). Photo: City of Bellingham

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Officials with the City of Bellingham issued the following statement about 10am today, November 15th.

Heavy rainfall is flooding several City of Bellingham streets, forcing closures. City crews have been working since Sunday clearing downed trees in the roadway and blocked storm drains that worsen street flooding.

Bellingham City Parks, Public Works and Police continue to respond to weather-related safety concerns, as well as barricading streets too flooded to use.  Residents are advised to obey all signage, as flooding not only covers the roadway, it can undermine and damage the streets.

“There are multiple vehicles stuck in flooded roadways,” said Bellingham Public Works Director Eric Johnston. “Please do not add to the challenges – or put your life at risk by driving down closed roads.”

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In addition to street barricades, parks should be avoided. Several trails near creeks are flooded, Civic Complex is closed due to high winds and flooding, and all Park-led programs are cancelled.

“Please stay away from wooded areas in parks due to high winds that will continue to topple trees and drop branches,” said Bellingham Parks Director Nicole Oliver.  

As of Monday morning, these streets are closed:

* Squalicum Parkway from Meridian to Roeder Avenue;
* Meridian from I-5 top Bakerview;
* Iowa from Pacific Street to King Street;
* Lakeway From Yew/Woburn to Clearbrook;
* Fraser Street at Geri Fields is underwater;
* Hannegan is closed; and
* many other smaller side streets have been closed because of significant water over the roadway.

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With increasing wind, City Parks and Public Works are receiving calls about downed trees. Response is triaged to prioritize life and safety over private property damage.

The City is not able to provide sandbags; however, they should be available at hardware or construction supply stores and sand may be purchased at gravel companies (it is advisable to first check to see if supplies remain, before going out.)

To report significant flooding or downed trees on city streets, please utilize SeeClickFix or phone (360) 778-7700.

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