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Ferndale City Hall (2019). File photo - My Ferndale News

City Council again delays boosting Mayor’s salary for the time being

FERNDALE, Wash. — Ferndale City Council again took up the topic of increasing the Mayor’s salary, a reoccurring topic over the past few years, during last night’s, February 16th, regular City Council meeting.

During last Wednesday’s City Council Finance & Administration Committee meeting, council members in attendance developed a consensus that recent City of Ferndale mayors had been putting in 30-hour work weeks and determined an appropriate hourly rate of pay needed to be applied to that expectation. As a result, it was proposed to increase the Mayor’s salary by 40% from $1,889 to $2,650 per month and to discuss the proposal during the Council’s next regular meeting.

During last night’s regular City Council Meeting, Councilmember Herb Porter told the other councilmembers he had contacted City of Lynden Mayor Scott Korthuis and asked about how much time he spent per week on his mayoral responsibilities. Korthuis reported spending between 10 and 15 hours per week according to Porter. Since 2014, The City of Lynden mayor’s 2021 salary has been set at $1,800 $2,898.19 per month plus a $300 vehicle allowance.

Councilmember Ryan O’Larey, a primary proponent of the salary increase, said he feared the increase held the potential to become “an albatross hung around the Mayor’s neck” considering the COVID-19-related economic crises the community is currently facing.


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No action on the agenda item was taken last night and the Council, by consensus, agreed to send it back to Council Committee for further discussion. Future 3% councilmember salary increases were also part of the agenda item and were also sent back to committee as well.

The remainder of the meeting agenda included presentations with no decisions required of council.

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