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Bellingham Schools report confiscating gum laced with fentanyl from a student

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Bellingham Public Schools Superintendent Greg Baker issued the following statement today, Friday, April 21st.

Yesterday, our staff at Kulshan Middle School confiscated something that looked like chewing gum or gummies from a student. In working closely with Bellingham Police, they tested the gummies and found that they were laced with fentanyl, A17 (an opioid) and GHB (a psychoactive controlled substance commonly used as a date-rape drug). These edibles were square, green and lightly coated with a white powder; they looked and smelled like mint gum.

Kulshan has told students not to share gum or candy; they are giving a lesson today to students about the risks and dangers of fentanyl. We will share these lessons with all schools.

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