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Air quality returns to the “GOOD” range after hitting the “UNHEALTHY” range – air quality alert remains in effect

FERNDALE, Wash. — A Northwest Clean Air Agency air monitoring station on Loomis Road in Custer today is reporting air quality in the area has returned to the “GOOD” zone after it had been in the “UNHEALTHY” zone within the past 24 hours.

Yesterday the same monitoring station reported air quality in the area jumped from the “GOOD” zone, past the “MODERATE” zone, into the “UNHEALTHY FOR SENSITIVE GROUPS” zone about 1pm.

Air monitoring station on Loomis Road in Custer data display as of 3:45pm on September 9, 2020. Source: Northwest Clean Air Agency

An air quality alert issued yesterday by National Weather Service forecasters, in coordination with the Northwest Clean Air Agency, for Whatcom, Island and Skagit Counties. That alert was updated this morning to be expanded to include Whatcom County to counties in south Puget Sound and extended to remain in effect until 11am tomorrow, Thursday, September 9th.

Air quality over the alert area ranges from Unhealthy for Sensitive groups to Unhealthy due to easterly winds transporting smoke from fires in Eastern Washington over portions of Western Washington. While these smoky conditions may vary at times, the continued easterly flow both today and tomorrow as well as little change expected in atmospheric conditions have led to the extension of this alert into Thursday morning.

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Poor air quality may continue into the weekend, as wind shifts could bring smoke from fires to the south into the region. Unhealthy air quality means that everyone, especially sensitive groups, should limit time spent spent outdoors, avoid strenuous activities outdoors, and choose light indoor activities.

National Weather Service air quality alert statement – September 9, 2020

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