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2020 Ferndale School Levy preliminary election results

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The initial ballot count for the proposition of a Ferndale School Programs and Operations Replacement Levy of $15,360,000 each year for 2021 through 2024 was announced tonight at 8:25pm by the Whatcom County Auditor’s office.

With 7,561 votes tallied so far, the levy request is failing with 42.5% in favor and 57.5% against (3,215 votes for and 4,346 against).

All school districts across Whatcom County held elections for replacement levies and all but Ferndale’s appear to be passing with a variety of margins tonight.

The next ballot count is expected tomorrow, February 12th at 5pm.


  1. Anita Cleary February 13, 2020

    Residents of Ferndale school district over half do not care about the children and same half do not care about the future of this country and state. They do not want to pay for anything. Want it given to them by government. They are stabbing themselves in the back by not taking care of their own children. The superintendent of this school system needs to get out and campaign for the kids in the school system and for the teachers she employs! needs to get the funds needed To operate the schools and convince all the voters to vote YES on all levies. or Ferndale needs a brand new superintendent for their school system.

  2. Aron Thompson February 13, 2020

    We already pay, and heavily, for our School District. This was voted down because it was proposed at an extortionist rate.

  3. Dennis and Cheryl King February 13, 2020

    Ferndale school district has gone to far with the amount they had to have for the new high school and now they are back for more. Our tax increase was way over the top because of this and now they are back even more. I understand the need for a budget but come on we are not made of money.

  4. Robert Eddy February 13, 2020

    After what they did with the bond. What did they expect.

  5. Gordie Thomas February 14, 2020

    You can only afford to pay so much. Enough is enough. Knowing how things have worked in the past the tax happy government will have it on a special ballot in a couple of months.

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