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You Get to Help Hire New FHS Principal

Community involvement is becoming a more common theme at the Ferndale School District and now they have incorporated it in the hiring process to fill the position of high school principal recently vacated when current FHS Principal Aaron Kombol announced he was taking a leave of absence.

The Ferndale School District has invited the community to participate in a public forum at the Ferndale High School Library on Thursday, April 16th from 6:30pm to 8pm.

According to Paul Douglas, the executive director of human resources at the School District, “The community will be given feedback forms when they arrive. This feedback form will allow documenting strengths and challenges of each candidate during the forum.”

The community will be asked to submit questions to be asked by a moderator. The questions should focus on the roles and responsibilities of a high school principal within the Ferndale community. According to Douglas, “This is intentionally broad as community members have different ideas of the role of a high school principal.”

Feedback forms will be collected at the end of the meeting and the ratings tabulated to be used as a component of the hiring process.

Final recommendations will be made to the superintendent who will make her final recommendation to the school board. The school board will either accept her recommendation or not as they will be the ones to officially hire the new principal. A time frame for when the board is expected to take this action has not been given.

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