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Widespread yet momentary outage put much of Ferndale in the dark last night

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FERNDALE, Wash. — Many readers across the Ferndale area reported losing power last night shortly after 9pm and then reported power having been restored about 10 minutes later. While only a relatively momentary disruption in their service, many began wondering what could cause such a widespread outage.

The outage area, based on reader reports, extended from Sandy Point, through downtown Ferndale and up into the Laurel area. Others reported outages at the same time in areas within Bellingham as well. Traffic lights on Main Street in downtown Ferndale were reportedly dark during the outage.

According to Puget Sound Energy Spokesperson Lynn Murphy, the outage was the result of a tree falling into a transmission line out at Cherry Point.

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  1. Sharon J. Thompson October 22, 2019

    We’re on White Rd. in Blaine abutting Giles Pond. I was doing dishes at that time, and we had just a momentary blink – amazing that we would be affected given where the pole went down. Sharon Thompson

  2. Judy Good October 22, 2019

    We were affected, Marine Drive in Bellingham near Marietta, Fort Bellingham area

  3. Leanne October 22, 2019

    I was flickering in Birch Bay when my mom messaged me from Ferndale to tell me she didn’t have power

  4. Shane Weston October 22, 2019

    was driving home around 9 and saw a flash in the sky from Douglas road, I initially thought it was lightning 😂

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