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Whatcom officials expect minor flooding, road closures over upcoming days

A section of nearly a half-mile of sandbags added to bolster the levee along Ferndale Road with Nooksack River in the distance flowing at a level of about 8 feet (November 24, 2021). Photo: Whatcom News

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — As many in Sumas, Everson/Nooksack and areas near the Nooksack River struggle to deal with and rebuild from last week’s devasting floods, weather forecasters have been warning of 3 smaller but consecutive atmospheric river weather systems. Today, officials at the Whatcom County Emergency Operations Center said to expect flooding and road closures as a result of these weather systems.

The Nooksack River level is forecast to crest on Friday and again Monday within the “Minor Flood Stage” range at both the Cedarville and Ferndale monitoring stations.

Impacts are expected to be exaggerated due to damage to levee systems around both locations.

County officials said repairs are underway on the Twinview Levee, upstream of the Everson bridge and will not begin on the Timon Levee on the north side of the river upstream from Lynden before the weather systems pass. Residents are warned that this may result in flooding of Timon, Northwood, Hampton and Hannegan Roads and surrounding areas. “The exact amount of flooding is difficult to predict at this time.”

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In the Ferndale area, Slater Road is “likely” to close due to flooding before Friday due to a breach in the Marine Drive Levee that occurred during the previous storm. A small breach of the Rainbow Slough Levee near Ferndale Road may also cause flooding and the closures of Ferndale Road and Haxton Way over the weekend.

The exact amount of flooding is difficult to predict at this time. The timing of the flooding could be expected Friday night into Saturday and again Sunday night into Monday. 

Now is the time to prepare. If you have not already begun preparations, please do so now. The impacts listed above are based on the current forecasts and model predictions. Predictions can and do change. Please continue to follow trusted sources of information, and beware of rumors and inaccurate information.  Whatcom County Emergency Operations Center (November 25, 2021)

Flood Impact Resources  

Whatcom News readers are encouraged to monitor the latest Nooksack River level forecasts for their areas.

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