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Wet and Windy Weather Forecast Starting Tuesday Evening

The National Weather Service issued a warning today, November 8th, to prepare for rains and high winds Tuesday evening and again Thursday evening through Friday.

A special statement issued for the coast and the north Puget Sound interior region advises,

A frontal system will move across western Washington Tuesday night
into Wednesday morning. This front will bring a period of moderate
rainfall to the area as it moves through. Windy conditions… south
to southeast winds 20 to 35 mph with gusts to around 50 mph… can
be expected.

And then another, much stronger front, is expected Thursday evening and into Friday bringing with it heavy rains and high winds. 5 to 8 inches could fall in the Cascades during those days so downstream flooding on rivers, streams and creeks is a possibility. But the current forecast for the Nooksack River indicates only a moderate rise in level, peaking several feet away from flood stage.

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Many forecast models suggest that winds of 20 to 40 mph with gusts
to 50 to 60 mph are possible Thursday night and Friday.

Plan your week accordingly and be prepared for possible power outages.

For those on the water or near the shore, the NWS also advises

Large and powerful waves are expected to move onto the Washington
coast on Friday. At this time… it appears that wave heights may
reach 19 to 23 feet. These waves… if they occur… will likely
cause significant beach erosion… especially during the high tide
Friday afternoon.


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