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“Walgreen/Samuels” Intersection a 4-Way Stop Until Sometime Friday

Stock photo: Discover Ferndale

Update 10am 8/7/15
Signals were restored to full functionality.

Due to a signal box that quit working when a vehicle plowed into it earlier today, August 6th, the intersection at Main Street and the unnamed street near Walgreens and Samuel’s Furniture was reduced to a 4-way stop.

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Around 6:30pm, Ferndale Public Works staff installed signage to support the 4-way stop traffic requirement.

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About 7:40pm, Bellingham City crews, who the City of Ferndale contracts with to support and maintain the intersection signals, have been able to enable flashing red lights in all directions.

It is expected, according to City staff, that the work required to restore full service to the intersection’s signals will be completed tomorrow, Friday, morning.


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