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Ferndale Police vehicle file photo (July 25, 2016). Photo: My Ferndale News

UPDATED: Vehicle prowl reported during classes in high school parking lot

A student parked at Ferndale High School found a pile of broken glass next to their car where a window was missing and several items had been taken from inside.

Items taken included a Ferndale High School cheer bag, cheer uniform, purple Nike tennis shoes, a purse and bright green wallet.

According to one of the student’s parents, the incident was captured on school security cameras. They noted the purse was thought not to have been in plain sight from outside the vehicle.

Shortly following the theft, a charge card taken was used to make over $1,000 in purchases at area stores. Store security video will be reviewed in those instances according to the parent.


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Anyone with information regarding the vehicle prowl or any of the items taken are asked to contact the Ferndale Police Department.

UPDATE 1/10/17
According to Ferndale Police, two suspects arrested outside of Ferndale on unrelated charges were found in possession of some of the items reported stolen. The items were returned to the vehicle prowl victim. More details in a follow up story.

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