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Updated 2022 Primary Election results (August 3)

Initial results of Whatcom County and Washington State political races and propositions reported just after 4:30pm, August 3rd, by the Washington State Secretary of State and Whatcom County Election Division are as follows. Top 2 vote-getters in each race will advance to the General Election in November. Election results will be certified on August 16th.

Next Ballot Count: 8/4/2022 5pm

Jurisdiction/RaceCandidateVotes% of votes
US SenatorHenry Clay Dennison7,8820.64%
Mohammad Hassan Said8,8940.72%
John Guenther36,1832.95%
Tiffany Smiley397,38232.36%
Dan Phan Doan2,1460.17%
Dr Pano Churchill7,5720.62%
Dave Saulibio12,0140.98%
Sam Cusmir1,8090.15%
Bill Hirt10,5260.86%
Jon Butler3,4470.28%
Bryan Solstin6,1530.5%
Martin D. Hash3,1180.25%
Patty Murray660,02853.75%
Thor Amundson3,1580.26%
Charlie (Chuck) Jackson5,3480.44%
Naz Paul10,5400.86%
Ravin Pierre12,3651.01%
Leon Lawson38,5253.14%
Congressional District 1
– US Representative
Matthew Heines8,8668.3%
Derek K Chartrand7,1556.7%
Vincent J Cavaleri20,44919.15%
Tom Spears2,9882.8%
Suzan DelBene67,24562.96%
Write-Ins 1070.1%
Congressional District 2
– US Representative
Cody Hart14,1099.14%
Dan Matthews27,27917.68%
Doug “Yoshe” Revelle6250.4%
Bill Wheeler6,2534.05%
Jon Welch1,1200.73%
Brandon Lee Stalnaker8990.58%
Jason Call21,33913.83%
Leif Johnson3,6112.34%
Carrie R. Kennedy5,8183.77%
Rick Larsen73,14047.39%
Write-Ins 400.08%
Secretary of StateBob Hagglund146,71912.2%
Kurtis Engle4,3480.36%
Marquez Tiggs92,6677.71%
Tamborine Borrelli48,5254.04%
Steve Hobbs491,62940.89%
Keith L. Wagoner145,68012.12%
Mark Miloscia115,3519.59%
Julie Anderson156,51613.02%
Write-Ins 9590.08%
Legislative District 42
– State Senator
Sharon Shewmake21,13047.31%
Ben Elenbaas8,66319.4%
Simon Sefzik14,85033.25%
Write-Ins 170.04%
Legislative District 42
– State Representative Pos. 1
Alicia Rule21,76548.82%
Kamal Bhachu6,97915.65%
Tawsha (Dykstra) Thompson15,81735.48%
Write-Ins 240.05%
Legislative District 42
– State Representative Pos. 2
Kyle Christensen10,47023.76%
Joe Timmons12,74628.92%
Richard May8,56919.55%
Dan Johnson12,25927.82%
Write-Ins 260.06%
District Court Judge Position 2Jonathan Rands24,43942.28%
Gordon M. Jenkins20,48535.44%
David Nelson12,67821.93%
Write-Ins 2070.36%
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