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Unseasonably Wonderful Weather

Our sympathies to everyone on the East Coast who are dealing with frigid temperatures and several inches of snow but we cannot help but revel in our unseasonably warm weather today. And if you enjoyed today’s weather then you will like tomorrow’s which is forecast to be a degree warmer and clear.

Fortunately for the kids, tomorrow is a no-school day. Unfortunately for the teachers and the rest of the working population, it is a “work day.” But it will be a good day to head out for the lunch hour.

Expect great Ferndale recreation places like Hovander Homestead Park, Pioneer Park, Vanderyacht Park and Tennant Lake to be a bit busier. Same for the Riverwalk and all the sidewalks throughout the town.

If you have the chance, give yourself a treat and take a stroll up Church Road. The view is spectacular as you make your way from Main Street as shown below and the new sidewalks are quite nice too.

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The view from Church Road 1-25-2015
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