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Tsunami warning cancelled after 7.2M Alaskan earthquake

About 11:55pm (Pacific Time) a Tsunami Warning was issued for the Pacific coastal regions of the Alaska Peninsula by the NOAA/National Weather Service US Tsunami Warning System after an earthquake had been detected in the Pacific Ocean near Alaska about 11:50pm on Saturday, July 15th. Initial reports were of a 7.3M strength earthquake. This was later revised to a magnitude 7.2.

As of 12:20am, the level of danger for other US and Canadian coasts was being evaluated. Estimates placed the arrival of any potential tsunami to the Washington coastal region at about 4am.

Officials monitoring wave activity at various points in the north Pacific Ocean saw no indication of increases that would indicate the presence of a tsunami.

The Tsunami Warning was reduced about 12:50am to a Tsunami Watch for the coast of Alaska and it was announced that, “For other US and Canadian Pacific coasts in North America, there is no tsunami threat.”

All tsunami alerts were subsequently cancelled around 1:50am.

The earthquake was located 55 miles southwest of Sand Point, Alaska, and its strength was ultimately recorded at 7.2M.

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