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TRAFFIC ALERT: Signal revision at 1st Avenue and Main Street

Crews are in place preparing to change the signalling at 1st Avenue and Main Street. Photo: Discover Ferndale webcam

City of Ferndale staff say that effective today, the traffic signal at the intersection of 1st Avenue and Main Street will allow Main Street traffic to flow through without interruption.

The new signal programming has the Main Street lights flashing yellow while 1st Avenue traffic will see flashing red. As a result, 1st Avenue traffic must stop and then proceed only when it is safe to enter the intersection whether turning left, turning right or going straight.

In the absence of the traffic signals being able to stop traffic, pedestrian signals are disabled. Pedestrians are advised to cross only when safe to do so.

The change is expected to occur this morning as soon as advisory signage is put in place.

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According to COF staff, the signal revision may be temporary and is being done in order to evaluate the result. Findings will be used to assist them in improving Main Street traffic flow through downtown Ferndale.


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  1. Bob Olund May 5, 2017

    why don’t you just remover all the traffic signals so we can all play bumper cars and watch the aid cars as they come and go transporting those poor souls that didn’t make it across the street in one piece

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