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Graveline Road flooding overtop roadway. Washing out shoulder and damaging culverts (December 20, 2017). Photo courtesy Whatcom County Public Works via Twitter

TRAFFIC ALERT: (Updated) Graveline Road closed indefinitely due to flood damage

Whatcom County Public Works announced this morning Graveline Road has been closed to all but local traffic south of W Smith Road and north of Sunset Avenue indefinitely due to damage to the roadway shoulder and adjacent culvert from flooding resulting from recent local heavy rains.

Crews on the scene provided pictures of the area where the roadway crosses over Silver Creek via Twitter.

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Graveline Road between Slater Road and Sunset Avenue remained open.

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  1. Ron Blanchard Ron Blanchard December 23, 2017 at 12:05am

    I lived on Graveline Rd for 28 years and NEVER seen water over it. Guess I was lucky huh?

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