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Suspect in drive-by shooting missed court hearing, $150k bond forfeited, bench warrant issued

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Eugenio Herrera-Duenas Jr, age 20, was charged with drive-by shooting and unlawful possession of a firearm following a shooting incident in a Bellingham park on March 11th. Whatcom County Superior Court records indicate Herrera-Duenas, while out of custody on $150,000 bond, failed to appear for a scheduled court hearing on August 3rd. As a result, the bond was ordered to be forfeited and a bench warrant issued for his arrest.

Herrera-Duenas also failed to appear in court on another Whatcom County Superior Court case where he faces a felony assault charge and forfeited a $15,000 bond as a result. He previously forfeited a $10,000 bond in that case when he failed to appear for an arraignment hearing in November of 2021. He was subsequently arrested the same day on the bench warrant and other charges in Whatcom County District Court and the bond increased to $15,000 in the assault case.

The affidavit of probable cause for arrest prepared by Bellingham Police and submitted in Whatcom County Superior Court by prosecutors said officers responded to the area of Roosevelt Park in Bellingham about 9pm on March 11th after 911 call receivers fielded multiple calls about a fight in the park followed by gunshots. A witness at the scene told officers a white Ford Mustang was seen speeding away from the scene after shots had been fired from inside it. Shell casings were located near where the fight had been reported.

Police located and stopped a white Ford Mustang soon after. Herrera-Duenas was 1 of 4 occupants and found to have a handgun under him. Spent shell casings were located inside the vehicle and matching unspent ammo was found in his pants pocket.

Since Herrera-Duenas is a convicted felon, he is unable to legally possess a firearm.


  1. Pamela September 1, 2022

    Not going to get any better with this catch and release mentality.

  2. Dennis September 1, 2022

    ” When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn” (from folk song) Good luck to the LEOs and bondsmen in the hunt. How about anothe4r picture of the perp?

  3. John September 1, 2022

    …and yet, somehow he remains free and at large, not legally obtaining firearms…. obviously. And he is obviously someone who is dangerous and in need of long term incarceration before he actually kills or seriously hurts someone.

  4. MsPac September 2, 2022

    There also is a FB page for an older male, same name…Lynden connections…might be his father.

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