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Special Weather Statement issued due to “Very warm temps expected next week”

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — Forecasters in the Seattle office of the National Weather Service issued a severe weather warning for much of western Washington the morning of Saturday, July 23rd, due to an expected climb in high temperatures Tuesday through Friday.

Very warm temperatures are expected next week with highs likely reaching the 90s Tuesday through Friday. Overnight lows will be in the mid 60s. The warmest temperatures will be in the interior of western Washington, inland from the water, and in the Cascade valleys. This prolonged level of heat may pose a moderate to high risk of heat-related illness to heat-sensitive people and pets, especially those without effective cooling or adequate hydration. Routinely check on the elderly and others susceptible to heat. Plan outdoor activities or working outdoors for early in the day to avoid heat exhaustion.National Weather Service special weather statement (July 23, 2022)

Forecasters expect high pressure to start to build over the northeast Pacific Sunday and Monday resulting in dry and much warmer weather. Highs in the 90s are around 10-15 degrees warmer than average.

There is a potential for 90-degree high temperatures for several days in row in some areas. Nighttime low temperatures are expected to dip into the mid 60s.

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An extended period of warm weather raises Heat Risk with moderate to high Heat Risk impacts possible.

Temperatures are forecast to be cooler along the coast where the flow is expected to remain primarily onshore with highs in the 70s. Temperatures are currently forecast to be lower next weekend although still remain warmer than average with 80s expected in the inland regions.

Whatcom News readers are encouraged to stay up to date with the current weather forecast for their specific locations via the Whatcom News Weather page.

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  1. Sheri Hathaway July 23, 2022

    Please everyone keep your animals with shelter and plenty of fresh water…keep your dogs off of hot pavement. Etc.

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