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Some Statistics from the Incredible Summer of 2015

It was a long hot dry summer. It was one for the record books. So here are some stats compiled from local weather data recorded at the Bellingham International Airport and gleaned from WeatherUnderground:

    • There were as many days with measureable rain from May to August as there were in the month of April (7 days).
    • The accumulated amount of measureable rain from May to August was 2.95 inches. The average rainfall for the same period is 6.5 inches.
    • Nearly half of the summer rain, 1.3 inches, fell during the last four days of August.
    • There were 26 days of 80-degree or higher temperatures from June to August (to date).
    • Surprisingly, there was only one day with a high temperature in the 90s (93°F on July 5th). In comparison, Seattle, 100 miles to the south, reported ten days of 90+ degree highs.


Here are the highest and average temperatures for each month:

Month High Temp Average
May 76 °F 66 °F
June 87 °F 74 °F
July 93 °F 77 °F
August 86 °F 76 °F (to date)


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