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Snow tomorrow morning? Yup, it’s a possibility

Hovander Park 2-4-17 photo MC Griffin
Snowy Hovander Park (February 4, 2017). Photo courtesy of MC Griffin

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — Thanks to a frigid Fraser Valley outflow, some parts of Whatcom County can expect a rain/snow mix or light snow Tuesday morning, February 1st, until temperatures warm above freezing.

Forecasters in the Seattle office of the National Weather Service say the Fraser Valley outflow will have an influence that will last into Wednesday as it is expected to bring low temperatures below freezing and a chance for flurries/light snow as a warm front approaches.

The impact includes snow levels dropping below 1000 feet from the southern Puget Sound northward to Whatcom County. The 20 to 40% chance of precipitation will therefore have the potential to fall as a rain/snow mix or snow at higher elevations.

Any snow is most likely to occur away from the water and at higher elevations and is not expected to linger in the lowlands.

This looks to be repeated again Wednesday morning.

Whatcom News readers are encouraged to stay up to date with the current weather forecast for their specific locations via the Whatcom News Weather page.

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