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See how Whatcom County compares in social distancing behaviors

Lots of open parking spots and light traffic on Main Street at 2:30pm on a Saturday during the initial stay at home order by Governor Inslee and resulting business closings (March 25, 2020). Photo: My Ferndale News

Google today, April 3rd, released reports based on people’s movements during the COVID-19 pandemic which use anonymized location data collected from cellphones to determine trends in habits like going to the store, work, parks and staying home.

The reports, according to Google, are intended to help public health officials make critical decisions to combat COVID-19 disease.

Changes for each day are compared to a baseline value for that day of the week:
● The baseline is the median value, for the corresponding day of the week, during the 5-
week period Jan 3–Feb 6, 2020.
● The reports show trends over several weeks with the most recent data representing
approximately 2-3 days ago—this is how long it takes to produce the reports.




While most countries have mandated some form of social distancing that includes business closures and stay at home orders, Sweden has implemented a different and more relaxed personal responsibility strategy. Gatherings of over 500 50 (updated March 27th) are prohibited and persons considered at-risk or symptomatic are being asked to self-isolate.

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Persons over the age of 70 and those belonging to other risk groups should limit their physically close contacts with others and completely avoid travelling by public transport and other public transport.

If you are over 70, you should also avoid shopping in shops such as pharmacies and grocery stores or staying in other places where people gather.Sweden Public Health Agency (April 1, 2020)

The previous graphs of behavior in the US are markedly different from the following based on behavior in Sweden during the same time period.


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