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Sedro Woolley woman finds herself in jail after reportedly waving her gun at neighbors, again

SEDRO WOOLLEY, Wash. — In March, 3 people from King County were inspecting an undeveloped property they had recently purchased and planned to develop when they were reportedly approached in the 700 block of West Road by a woman waving a gun with her finger on the trigger while telling them to move a vehicle off her property.

Approximate location of the reported incidents

According to an affidavit of probable cause for arrest prepared by Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office and submitted by prosecutors in Whatcom County Superior Court, they left the area, fearful that they had violated a neighborhood convenance. In May, they told another neighbor of the encounter and were told that was illegal and they called 911.

Between the March incident and the May report to 911, the woman, identified as Jennifer Leigh Dubrow, age 68, had been arrested and charged with 1 count of 2nd degree assault with a deadly weapon for reportedly having pointed her weapon at another neighbor in April. She was released from custody after posting a $1,000 cash bond.

In June, Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office detectives interviewed the victims and Dubrow and Dubrow was arrested on June 23rd and has been charged with 3 counts of 2nd degree assault with a deadly weapon.

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Dubrow appeared at a preliminary hearing on June 24th when prosecutors ask the court to set bail at $250,000 bond. The defense attorney asked for bond to be set at $10,000 bond with a cash option of $1,000. The court set bail at $150,000 bond with a cash option of $15,000.

During the preliminary hearing, prosecutors requested Dubrow surrender all her weapons. The defense objected on the grounds that doing so would be self-incriminating, a violation of the 5th amendment. The court denied the prosecutor’s request.

As of July 1st, Dubrow remained in custody at the Whatcom County Jail pending being able to post bail.


  1. J July 2, 2022

    People like her make it difficult for others to have defensive weapons

  2. Jake July 2, 2022

    She gets a $15,000 bond and criminals with long wrap sheets get $1,000 bond while still awaiting multiple court cases?????? Am I the only one seeing how messed up our court system is?

  3. John Carpenter July 2, 2022

    Ok folks, couple things.
    1) she’s lucky she didn’t do that to an individual who was conceal carrying. Things may not of ended well for her.
    2) How many chances will she get until she pulls the trigger on someone?

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