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Roundabout at LaBounty and Main to Move Forward

main and labounty roundabout locationAccording to the agenda for their meeting on April 6, 2015, Ferndale City Council will be asked to approve awarding the design of the roundabout to be constructed at the intersection of LaBounty Drive and Main Street to Lynden engineering firm, Reichhardt & Ebe Engineering, Inc.

Stated in the agenda’s supporting documents:

  • “The City’s Planned Action Master Plan calls for the construction of a roundabout at this intersection”
  • “analysis indicated that a roundabout will handle the traffic flow in that intersection over the next 20 years.”
  • “The City’s adopted Transportation Element […] also includes this project as a “high” need.”
  • “Due to the high ADT [average daily traffic], existing traffic signal, and proximity to I-5, it is assumed that the construction work will be staged and/or phased so that the road remains open to traffic during construction.”


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  1. Lynn Johnson April 1, 2015

    Are you kidding, City of Ferndale? People are TIRED of round-abouts that don’t work because people do not drive through them at the posted speeds, which causes anyone else to have to stop. Why not just change the lights to 4-way stops since we are stopping anyway? Better yet, why not finally put in an exchange/exit off I-5 at Thornton Road to relieve congestion. Why not quit building housing developments where people have to go through downtown Ferndale to get in and out. Why not raise Slater Road so that when it does flood people can still get through and not be funneled into downtown Ferndale. Think of the semi truckers that have a very difficult time negotiating these round-abouts. The three at Slater Road/I-5 are a joke, especially when people are flying off the freeway. They are not coming into those at 10 mph.

    • ScottRAB April 2, 2015

      Modern, slow and go, roundabout intersections have less delay than a stop light or stop sign (, especially the other 20 hours a day people aren’t driving to or from work. Average daily delay at a signal is around 12 seconds per car. At a modern roundabout average delay is less than five seconds. Signals take an hour of demand and restrict it to a half hour, at best only half the traffic gets to go at any one time. At a modern roundabout four drivers entering from four directions can all enter at the same time. Don’t try that with a signalized intersection.

      Modern roundabouts are designed for trucks, large vehicles, and trailer towing vehicles by including the center flat area around the circle. It’s not a sidewalk, it’s called a truck apron, and it’s for trucks to begin a sharp right or end a left or U-turn on.

      Roundabout Trucks Videos:
      WA DOT:
      Washington County, WI:

  2. ScottRAB April 2, 2015

    Modern roundabouts are the safest form of intersection in the world. Visit for modern roundabout FAQs and safety facts. Modern
    roundabouts, and the pedestrian refuge islands approaching them, are two of nine proven safety measures identified by the FHWA,

    The FHWA has a video about modern roundabouts that is mostly accurate (, or check out the IIHS video at .

  3. Toni Petch April 2, 2015

    Is there still discussion or is the decision already made? For several years people have been asking for Thornton Rd to extend on out to the freeway. Why is this not an option? It would certainly ease some of the traffic clog where the proposed round about location is. Usually from about 3 to 6 PM there is a continuous line of traffic through the ONE road thru the city. A round about would be causing serious accidents and more traffic jams! Please, please get a move on getting the Thornton Rd extended to the freeway. I also agree with Lynn that semi trucks would be a nightmare!

    • ScottRAB April 2, 2015

      Can you provide a source for your information regarding safety and congestion?

      • Toni Petch April 2, 2015

        My source is that I have lived in Ferndale for 34 years and have seen the traffic increases. I also own a business on the corner of Main & Hovander Drive. My customers have to wait several minutes to cross the street! The line of traffic is a solid line! What is the problem of finishing Thornton Rd to the freeway?

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