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Prosecutors pursue 2nd degree murder charge in Everson shooting

EVERSON, Wash. — Prosecutors have filed a charge of murder in the 2nd degree with intent to cause death with no premeditation against an Everson man in Whatcom County Superior Court following a late-night shooting at a residence in Everson on January 6th.

According to a probable cause statement prepared by the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) and filed in the court by prosecutors, a woman at the residence called 911 and told the call receiver that her son had shot her ex-husband and he was dead. She said the victim was lying on a bed while she and her son were waiting for law enforcement in the living room and the weapon was in the living room.

Several WCSO deputies arrived at the scene and an Everson Police officer placed the son in handcuffs while the deputies “conducted a safety sweep of the residence.” Deputies located the victim on the bed and the son’s firearm on a dining room table. The son told deputies he had shot the victim and then made the weapon safe.

WCSO detectives arrived and, after reading the son and his mother their Miranda rights, asked for their statements. Both chose not to provide a statement without an attorney present.

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Detective observed the victim had been shot in the face and the left side of his torso. 2 spent casings were located near the victim.

The son, identified as Ethan Knight, age 20, was transported to the Whatcom County Jail and charged with suspicion of 2nd degree murder by Everson Police.

As of January 12th, Knight remained in custody pending being able to post a $1,000,000 bond. He is scheduled to be arraigned on January 14th.

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