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Promoting Lesser Ferndale

Sunny beautiful days remind us why we are so fortunate to be living here in Ferndale. For certain, days like this are fewer and farther in between some years than most everywhere else. But it is these favorable changes in weather, more often rainy and gloomy, that cause us to break out in merriment, casting our parkas and raincoats aside while reaching for wool socks and sandals, as we head out to the sidewalks, parks, trails and beaches in and around Ferndale.

But we must always stop and take to heart the communal belief that each of us is the last immigrant to this area. Every one of us has at least one neighbor who has acknowledged, perhaps in a whisper, it was on a beautiful sunny day when they found themselves passing through and began thinking they needed to return with the kids and live the life of Riley.

carnivorous slugFurther immigration to Ferndale is our punishment for posting pictures of this area’s beauty. Instead, we need to think of ourselves and our neighbors. Remembering to only share with the outside world stories about the carnivorous slugs that eat our pets, the rain-soaked muck that permeates our homes and clothing and the chronic boredom and depression from staying indoors year-round hiding from the rain.

No more should it be considered in our community’s best interest to brag about or post pictures of lunch walks to any of the many wonderful eateries within a half-mile of your workplace. It should be a misdemeanor to post videos of the breathtaking views of Mount Baker and the Canadian Cascades from back porches and during our drives to work. Criminal too is the act of discussing or sharing media from trips to the local farms adorn with beautiful flowers and other crops.

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While we are all positioned to enjoy all that is Ferndale and will revel in it with our neighbors, let us also remember to take seriously the responsibility that comes with being the last immigrant.

– From the Editor

For those who will remember the columnist from the Seattle Times, Emmett Watson, the concept of a Lesser Ferndale is not a new one. Credit must be given to the brilliant Mr Watson who tirelessly promoted a Lesser Seattle and increasing awareness of the slugs carnivorous.

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