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Prepare for Much Warmer Weather

Photo: Discover Ferndale

hot weather stock picReality check: It is still only June, right? That needs to be to be pointed out since Ferndale has been bathed in August-like temperatures for most of the month. And it is not expected to end any time soon.

According to, the historical average high for June is 67° but the month-to-date average high is 83°. With the expected weather over the next week, that average is likely to get a bit higher.

The near-term Ferndale weather forecast shows high temperatures reaching into the 80s beginning Friday, June 26th and lasting to the end of the extended forecast, Thursday, July 2nd. As you go further inland away from the water these may become 90-degree highs.

With three days to prepare, consider the following tips provided by the National Weather Service:

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During conditions like this it is important to remember to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. If you are susceptible to the heat… stay inside in air conditioned areas. Avoid leaving children and pets unattended in cars… as temperatures inside parked cars can rise very quickly to deadly levels. Remember to apply sunscreen as well if you are outdoors… as the Summer solstice was a few days ago and the rays of the sun are strongest in late June.

With the current dry conditions and now the expected warmest temperatures of the year thus far… fire danger will continue to rise. A number of fires have already occurred in western Washington thanks to the dry conditions.

To help avoid starting any wildfires… avoid any outdoor burning including tossing any burning materials out of your vehicle. In addition with the Fourth of July just around the corner… practice safety with your fireworks. Have a bucket of water or a hose nearby in case they are needed. Call 911 if a fire emergency arises. A good alternative is to visit your local fireworks display rather than use fireworks yourself.


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