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Photo appears to show a bear enjoying cherries within Ferndale city limits

What appears to be the head of a bear can be seen in the bottom right of the photo taken by a neighbor using a game camera in their yard (July 10, 2017). Photo courtesy of a reader.

A neighbor was perplexed about why the chicken wire he had loosely wrapped around the base of a cherry tree in his backyard had been smashed against the tree about a half-dozen times over the past 4 weeks. He initially blamed raccoons and thought he would catch them in the act with a night-vision game camera he had.

This morning he got a big surprise when he checked his camera. “Off to the bottom right is what appears to be a bears head! This would be approximately 6 ft high [off the ground],” the neighbor said in an email. He estimated the picture had been taken about 12:30am this morning.

This sighting was in the general vicinity south of Thornton Street near Malloy Avenue.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Game Warden Dave Jones told Discover Ferndale the photo was inconclusive in identifying a bear.

City of Ferndale posted the picture their website and social media to alert the community about “a report of a black bear has been seen in Ferndale.”

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