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Pepper spray reportedly used in car robbery in Bellingham

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — An alert issued by Western Washington University detailed an armed robbery that reportedly occurred this morning, January 7th.

At approximately 9:15 a.m. this morning at the In and Out convenience store at 2219 Douglas Ave. in Happy Valley about three blocks south of Bill McDonald Parkway, a group of of suspects approached a woman sitting in her car in front of the store, pepper sprayed her, removed her from the car and then drove off in the vehicle. The group of suspects was made up of as many as five people.

The stolen vehicle was a green 2002 Ford Explorer. The suspect who pepper sprayed the victim is described as a white male about 6 feet tall, wearing blue jeans and a white hoodie. Anyone with information on this incident or who spots what might be the vehicle should call 911 immediately. 

University Police are investigating. Should more information become available, it will be shared with the campus community through the Western Alert system. WWU Campus Advisory message (January 7, 2022)


  1. Ron York January 7, 2022

    Why not include the vehicle license plate number? Doesn’t anyone know the license number? If so, put it out there.

  2. LAT January 7, 2022

    Perps are more brazen now bc they know they will get low bail and soft sentences if they are caught.

  3. Ace January 8, 2022

    People in Washington voted for the Defund the Police politicians and are now paying a heavy price.

    Smarten up, will ya?

    • Aaron Brand January 8, 2022

      It’s a lie. Sure, it’s protected speech. But it’s still a lie. Stop lying.

    • Wizbang January 10, 2022

      There are not enough police to go around people. Defunding the police and Covid in our jails they get a slap on the hand if even that so the police have there hands tied and can do nothing. If caught takeing products from a store if the police catch them they get a citation if they don’t appear in court it’s a oh well and there still on the street. Our police are doing the best they can but inslee has tied there hands unless your shot then they can do something.

  4. LGB January 8, 2022

    Ditto on the above comments, but I’ll add that to me this story is a little suspicious… Any cameras from the store? If you’ve got a brazen crew of 5 willing to carjack in broad daylight, who the hell picks a 2002 Explorer? Inconspicuous I guess… and what kind of carjackers are up at 9am after being wasted all night? I dunno, could happen… but if I were investigating this I’d be looking at this victim real close.

    • lance Weaklegs January 9, 2022

      Well I would guess that the victim had red watery eyes and smelled like pepper spray. That what’s called a “clue”. Some of Bellingham’s finest locals just needed a ride, that’s all. And its going to get worse.

    • Shelby January 10, 2022

      Are carjackers under curfew? No crimes after 8am? Someone spray themselves with pepper spray? If there were 5, they needed a big enough vehicle for the lot of them, yes? And probably looked for the easiest possible victim, at least the person who LOOKED easy…. who said they had to be wasted all night? Maybe they started fresh that morning? Maybe they had been wasted all week? Maybe they weren’t wasted at all and needed to get their fix, no matter what time it was, what they had to drive or who they had to carjack to get there.

  5. Lance Weaklegs January 9, 2022

    It’s called carjacking. Carjacking. It’s a federal crime. Carjacking. Not car robbery.

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