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Parents are raising money for a safe FHS 2021 graduation celebration

FERNDALE, Wash. — In past years, Ferndale High School (FHS) graduates have enjoyed overnight celebrations the evening of graduation in safe and sober ways funded by the graduates’ parents’ and guardians’ fundraising efforts.

Typically at this time parents of graduates would be planning a dinner and auction to raise the money needed. But restrictions currently in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic make holding an auction anytime soon unlikely.

“2020/2021 has not been ideal for fundraising for the senior class trip (or gifts for each senior if a trip is not possible) as in years past and we’re trying out some new ways to raise money.”

Heather Sytsma – 2021 FHS seniors parent group

As a result, the 2021 FHS seniors parent group have organized a fundraiser on the crowdfunding website, GoFundMe. The fundraiser has a goal of $7,000 and, as of November 20th, the amount raised was just over $3,600.

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Family, friends and community members are asked to donate via the GoFundMe campaign. Other ways to donate include Venmo payment to @FHS-2021-Eagles and via cash or check by emailing for details. 

As we do not know what June will hold at this time, there will be a back-up plan prepared to honor these students in a very meaningful way. 

2021 FHS seniors parent group via GoFundMe

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