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Opinion: Supports Sefzik for 42nd district state house representative

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This November election is very important for our county. I urge people to vote and to choose Jennifer Sefzik for State Representative. She will be a representative for the entire district, especially teachers and non-academic employees from every school district across Whatcom County.

Jennifer cares about the education of our children and supports our local schools. She is an advocate for businesses as she understands that besides their cost of operation, they pay property taxes on their buildings, their machinery, and equipment that in turn fund our schools.

When Sharon Shewmake supports the anti-business policies that chase away new business and growth of existing businesses, she neglects to understand that her actions will directly affect the operating budgets of our schools, as well as increase our own property tax bill. Some of the highest property taxpayers in this county happen to be Phillips 66, BP, Intalco, and similar industries. The ones funding our schools and other public works projects with their tax dollars are also the ones Sharon Shewmake’s policies are driving away.

Vote for your schools, teachers, and businesses. Vote Jennifer Sefzik for State Representative in the 42nd District.

Helen Steele

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