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Opinion: Supports renewing Ferndale School District levy

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I am a 20 year employee of the Ferndale School District and Ferndalian lifer. As seems to be the case with every other topic in our world today, the Levy discussion has brought about some pretty polarizing perspective and opinions in our community. I totally get it because I have understood, and even agreed with, arguments on BOTH sides of the debate. Just because I am employed by the district does not mean that I have been in agreement with every decision. Quite the opposite actually. I have written many an email, met with various school board members, and had more face to face conversations with our administration than I can count. I’ve asked my questions and shared my concerns. I even ran for school board despite the fact that I was told I couldn’t because of working for the district. My point is… I have tried every productive way I could think of to help make ours schools better and do what I think is best for kids.

I believe, at this point in time, the best way to make forward progress for our kids, and in turn our entire community (because whether you like it or not it is all connected) is to vote YES for this upcoming levy. We cannot make the improvements that I still believe we need if we have absolutely nothing to work with. Another levy loss would be devastating and I’m not saying that for affect. It’s a fact.

If you have been a No voter, or are planning to be one this go around, can I please just ask that you consider this…? If your vote is based on your disillusionment with our school board and/or admin, would you be willing to vote YES in November and then work on creating the change you want to see?

You can find, as I have, someone who will run against any current seated board member who you feel isn’t working for our children’s or community’s best interests. Change is possible with the right people working for us.

You are completely entitled to vote as you wish but please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to further discuss why voting yes matters so much right now!

Michele Barmore

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