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Nooksack River is forecast to reach minor flood stage Friday

VanderYacht Park in Ferndale while the Nooksack River level was at around 17' (November 2015). Photo: Whatcom News

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Seattle has issued a Flood Watch Thursday morning through Saturday morning for portions of northwest and west central Washington including Whatcom County.

According to NWS forecasters,

Heavy rain in the Olympics and North Cascades Wednesday night and Thursday will cause significant rises on rivers with headwaters in these mountains.

The current forecast for the Nooksack River level at Ferndale indicates the river level will reach levels known to create challenges for drivers and nearby property owners.

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The river is expected to crest Friday afternoon, January 4th, near the 18-foot mark.

The following road closures are typical when the river level reaches the 18-foot mark:

  • Barrett Road/Paradise Road
  • Ferndale Road between Marine Drive and Slater Road
  • Marine Drive between Lummi Shore Road/Drive and Rural Avenue

There is also a possibility for Slater Road needing to be closed when the river reaches the 18-foot mark.

River level forecasts are change frequently so monitoring the Nooksack River level forecast at Ferndale is advised.

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  1. Dan Mesikepp January 1, 2019

    I remember the flood of ’96. I was 16. It was before they built those big berms on both sides of the river. They were shutting down traffic or diverting it in downtown, but there was still foot traffic. Tons of people were gathered on the bridge, watching the flood just as it started going over the edges near the car wash and park. People were taking pictures. Crazy huge logs were floating in the muddy water. I remember one at least as long as a school bus, and very wide. The most random thing I saw, was a little bunny rabbit on a smaller log floating by. I sometimes wondered if that rabbit survived? Think it did…it seemed to be surfing! 😀

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