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Neighbors help to corral escaped pigs on Vista Drive (video)

Volunteers work to keep pigs corralled in Enterprise Cemetery until animal control officers can herd them back to their home (May 5, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

It was reported about 5pm today a total of 9 pigs were loose in the vicinity of the Enterprise Cemetery on Vista Drive, north of Grandview Road. Eventually one group made their way into the cemetery and a What-Comm dispatcher radioed law enforcement that the pigs were there “going hog-wild.”

Whatcom Humane Society animal control officers were dispatched and initially worked to confine a group of pigs that were at risk by the roadway. While that was going on, a group of neighbors, including one man introduced as the cemetery manager who by chance grew up on a farm with pigs, worked to keep the other group out of trouble in the corner of the cemetery. The pigs kept it interesting as they tried to make a break for it every couple minutes.

Soon, animal control officers were able to turn their attention to the group of pigs in the cemetery. Traffic was stopped and with the aid of the volunteers and after a couple attempts, the pigs were eventually strolling along Vista Drive on their way back home to join the other 5 escapees.

Pigs are herded out of Enterprise Cemetery and headed home. Video: Discover Ferndale
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