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Multiple Water Main Woes for Ferndale Terrace Neighbors

water main break on ferndale terrace 05-19-2015
Site of initial water main break on Ferndale Terrace. Photo: Discover Ferndale

It’s been a long day for the public works crews dealing with what started as a broken water main this morning on Ferndale Terrace. Unfortunately, they’re still out there at the time of this writing (5:15pm).

Just before 10am water was reported to be bubbling up out of the ground and between properties on Ferndale Terrace in the 2100 block. Some neighbors reported a loss of water pressure in the area. Crews were dispatched and a couple hours later reported the break was fixed and water service should return to normal soon.

Only a half hour later, another break was reported in the area. Crews got to work on fixing that one too.

By 2:30pm it was being reported by the city two or three (the messages were conflicting) more breaks had occurred, this time on Madrona Drive and Hawthorne Street.

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Driving through the area at 5pm, Ferndale public works crews were seen still hard at it with the majority of vehicles and staff in the area of the 2200 block of Hawthorne Street while other crew tended to an intentionally open hydrant on Seamont Drive.

No information about how this is impacting water service in the neighbor currently or how long until fixes will be in place.

UPDATE 7:45pm
Public Works Foreman Jim Slaughter reported, “The water is back on at all three locations.”

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