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Maple Falls man arrested after multiple assaults and attempted arson

MAPLE FALLS, Wash. — A Maple Falls man was arrested by Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) deputies after reportedly assaulting several people and starting a fire inside a residence.

According to an affidavit of probable cause for arrest prepared by WCSO and filed in Whatcom County Superior Court by prosecutors, deputies were dispatched to the 6100 block of Shamrock Road in Maples Falls about 9:45pm on Wednesday, June 22nd, due to a report of an assault.

When deputies contacted a victim, they learned that a man had struck the victim in the face with a flashlight. It appeared to the deputy that the victim had suffered a broken nose and possibly a concussion.

2 other victims came forward to say they had also been assaulted by the same man. 1 victim appeared to have been punched in the head. The other victim, identified as a family member, said they had been pushed down some stairs by the man at a different location and, in an attempt to stop their fall, had pulled him down the stairs too. The man then pummeled the victim’s head against the stairs until they were able to leave, ending up at the Shamrock Road address.

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The family member said they were being chased by the man when he turned his attention on the other victims and assaulted them. It was suspected the man had been taking fentanyl pills for 2 days prior to the incident.

Deputies went to the address where the victim reported having been pushed down the stairs and saw smoke coming from a partially open garage door. Upon closer investigation a fire could be seen burning near a couch inside the garage and a running fan was propping the garage door open. The residence appeared to have been “trashed” prior to the deputies’ arrival.

Whatcom County Fire District 14 was dispatched and quickly extinguished the fire. A dog locked in a kennel was located in the garage.

Officers from the Sumas and Everson Police Departments arrived to assist in locating the man.

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A WCSO K-9 unit located the man hiding near a bush and he was taken into custody.

According to Whatcom County Jail records, WCSO booked David Aleen Adams, age 37, in the jail on June 23rd.

According to jail records, Adams currently is facing charges for suspicion of the following crimes.

  • 2nd degree assault
  • 2 charges of 4th degree assault
  • 1st degree attempted arson
  • 2nd degree malicious mischief
  • residential burglary
  • obstructing a police officer

Adams appeared at a preliminary hearing on June 23rd in Whatcom County Superior Court where prosecutors requested bail be set at $200,000 and the court agreed. As of June 29th, he remained in custody pending being able to post bail.


  1. John June 29, 2022

    Sounds like jail is a good place for this one. Keep him there long enough to truly want to be free from opiates. What a horrible state this country is in where we can’t control the flow of that stuff across our borders.

  2. GladysKravitz June 29, 2022

    This idiot tries to burn down the garage with a dog inside locked in a kennel. Did someone forget to to add 2nd degree animal cruelty charges to idiot’s list of suspected crimes?

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